Landlords & Investors

boston-apartment-viewMost of the time, rental properties work well.  Of course, that's not always the case.  We are here to help identify and minimize the risks of being a landlord.  If a problem ever does arise, we can help navigate you to a better outcome.

For landlords and investors, we offer the following featured services:

Leasing.  Before the tenants arrive, we can work with you to get the landlord-tenant relationship off on the right foot.  We start with a visit to the rental unit to identify risks.  Then, we meet with you to develop a plan and a custom lease.  Ideal for new landlords, we will work with you from listing to lease signing to minimize risk and establish a good relationship with your tenant.  This package is offered for a reasonable flat rate.

Evictions & Tenant Disputes.  When the landlord-tenant relationship derails, we will work with you to get back on track.  First, we will weigh your options and audit the risks of an eviction proceeding.  Then, we will prepare and execute a plan to regain control of the property.

Litigation and Disputes.  Not all landlord-tenant disputes are the same.  With experience, we can partner with you to navigate any tenant-related problem, including tenant complaints and code enforcement actions.

Condominium Formation.  The process of condominiumization, even for a small building, is a multi-step process requiring architects, inspections, and drafting of many legal documents.  We can manage this process for you, create the condominium entity, and establish a condominium trust.