Condominium Services

boston-condo-balconyIn our practice, nothing is more akin to a village than your condominium community.  Whether there are three or thirty-three units, your neighbors and your association will determine your happiness at home and the success of your investment.

UrbanVillage Legal’s mission is your condo’s peace and stability.  For that reason, we are proud to offer the following services, many of which are available for a flat, predictable fee.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation.  Although our primary objective is the prevention of problems, situations do and will arise.  We can work with you, as a unit owner or a trustee, to resolve disputes, enforce rules, and repair relationships.  Our signature dispute resolution tool is our collaborative method.  After all, once the immediate issue is addressed, all parties will continue living as neighbors with shared obligations.

Condominium Fee Collections.  Condo associations, especially smaller ones, need reliable, regular contributions in order to succeed and survive.  Fortunately, state law provides them with strong powers to collect money and continue operations.  We can take advantage of all of your options – many at no cost to the association – to recover owed money.

Reformation & Rescue.  Sometimes condo associations are neglected, have no active association, and face accrued debts and liabilities.  We are experienced in saving delinquent condominiums from the brink.  Whether you are a concerned unit owner, a trustee, or another interested party, we can create an implement a plan to rescue your condominium.  Most of the time, this comprehensive service can be offered for a flat fee.

Dedicated Counsel.  Even well-managed condominiums require occasional legal counsel.  We proudly offer a dedicated counsel plan for a low monthly fee and a one-time setup cost.  All plans allow for easy, unlimited access to attorneys to answer your legal questions and professional counsel at your annual meeting.  More extensive plans, great for condominiums with absentee owners or troubled histories, include accounting and reporting services.

Condominium Formation.  The process of condominiumization, even for a small building, is a multi-step process requiring architects, inspections, and drafting of many legal documents.  We can manage this process for you, create the condominium entity, and establish a condominium trust.