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Our Difference

We’re different.  In order to meet your needs and accomplish our mission, we have designed everything – our approachable environment, streamlined processes, transparent pricing, and on-demand communication – around your expectations.

Our Mission.  We help you realize the full potential of your property.  Whether you are a new homeowner, landlord, or condominium trustee, your emotional and financial investment in your home requires continued care and attention.

Approachable Environment.  Many of our clients have never worked with attorneys before.  While our professionalism is central to the practice, we avoid the pretense, pressure, and aloof attitudes too common in legal services.  We want you to enjoy your interactions with us at every turn.

Streamlined Processes.  If you’re seeking our counsel in a transaction or dispute, you want us to cut the red tape – not create more of it.  Our focus on real estate, condominium, and related service means that we have designed and implemented processes that require less work from you.

On-Demand Communication.  We are proud to offer 24/7 access to your case online and on-demand.  In one place, you’ll be able to track deadlines, see appointments, and review all case documents.  The online portal not only keeps your case organized – it allows you a transparent look into our work and our billing.  Plus, it allows us to easily collaborate with you, any real estate brokers, or other people on your case team.