About Us


We are UrbanVillage Legal - a real estate law firm that's about you and your neighborhood.

We're here and committed to protect what's important to you - your home, your condominium, your neighborhood - your urban village.

What's in a name?  "Urban Village" denotes our neighborhood approach to real estate law.  We're focused on the most local concerns that shape your daily life and long-term prosperity.  That begins with your home.

How are we different?  We make it easy.  For real estate closings, we partner with your whole team and employ online tools to keep it simple and keep you informed.  For our condominium clients, we help your association run cleanly and efficiency through best practice advice and creative solutions to your issues.

What do we do? We work with you and your neighbors in a few ways.  We offer:


our professionals

  • Rory Gill
    Rory founded UrbanVillage Legal to concentrate on the areas of law that build strong communities and neighborhoods. ...